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Cigarette Making Machine

The characteristics of this cigarette making machine are :

  • Producing cigarettes directly starting from the leaves of fresh tobacco or pre-cut tobacco.
  • Capability to pack automatically the cigarettes in plastic or aluminium bags or use the Ciga Pack-100 machine. (See please the layout of this production line on Ciga-Pack-100)
  • Possibility to label the bags or package with the trademark of the salesman’s name and/or other commercial names.
  • Introducing promotional products into the bags (presents, festivity tickets, candies, condoms, etc.).
  • Producing cigarillo imitations like cigarettes.
  • When operated by a person who will be trained in a few hours only, this machine can produce 24 hrs a day and 7 days a week.
  • Generating higher profit margins compared with cigarette products usually sold on the market.
  • The potential buyers of these machines become their own producers and salesmen of cigarettes. They have great opportunities to start their own company.

These new cigarette making machines allow:

  • The installation in a restricted room. The dimension of the machine is only 30'' (762 mm) X 48'' (1,220 mm) X 62'' (1,575 mm) high. Other small spaces are required for the bagging and labelling machine (in option).
  • The manufacturing of a fresher product of better quality.
  • The new generation of producers to produce cigarettes with various flavours while mixing leaves of tobacco.

Advantages to deal with Groupe Defis :

  • The machines whose technology is Canadian are built in Montreal, Canada.
  • The guarantee of this equipment is complete and accompanied by a service contract.
  • The distribution of these machines for agents or franchisees is to be negotiated.


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