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President's column

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Groupe Défis, with its 30 years of experience in the fields of automation, packaging and automated assembly of varied products, supplies its clients with its expertise an its know-how as follows :

Machine manufacturer on request : Conception and fabrication of equipments used in the automation of custom-made production operations.

Protype development : Groupe Défis’ multidisciplinary team offers to its clients, who do not have an effective force or development tools, to realize the experimental prototypes preliminary to the definition of their needs in machinery construction.

Consultation : From its expertise, Groupe Défis also offers studies services in order to select, qualify, approve and establish equipments for packaging, conditioning or assembly. This service includes employees’ formation which assures a maximal utilization and optimization of new equipments established in assembly and/or production lines. Clients who want to acquire equipments adapted to their needs, at market price, may benefit from Groupe Défis’ expertise without any increase in market price.

Groupe Défis agrees to negotiate for its clients with the best manufacturers for equipments that are perfectly suited to their needs. Generally, the cost for this service does not represent a higher purchase price for the client.

With the help of today’s communication means and inspired by its associates’ passion in wanting to share, communicate and improve their ideas and abilities, Groupe Défis supplies its clients with:

a) Equipments that permit :

- An increase in productivity
- An improvement in production quality
- A better control in delivery time
- To protect its employees from work accidents
- Its users to become more competitive
- A quick profitability of their investment

b) A unique know-how especially adapted to the most particular needs of enterprises

To improve working conditions for the workers and the efficiency of the production or assembly lines.

c) A devoted, passionate, professional team concerned to satisfy his clients

Our associates are inspired by human and professional values and by the passion to transmit their knowledge and experience to their clients, which permits them to acquire the needed knowledge to properly grasp the opportunities offered by automation...when suitable.

Our associates are enlivened by human and professional values and by the passion to transmit to others their knowledge and experiences.

For all information, do not hesitate to let us know of your requests and needs.
We will quickly answer your requests.

Respectfully yours,

Philippe Thiry
Le groupe Défis Inc.


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