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Cigarette Making Machine
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Groupe Défis Inc. is proud to present its very new innovation:

After five years of research and developments, as well as important investments, Groupe Défis announces the first cigarette manufacturing automatic machine.
The characteristics of this cigarette making machine are :

  • Producing cigarettes directly starting from the leaves of fresh tobacco.
  • Capability to pack automatically the cigarettes in plastic or aluminium bags in quantity of 20, 50, 100, 200 and more.
  • Possibility to label the bags with the trademark of the salesman’s name and/or other commercial names.
  • Introducing promotional products into the bags (presents, festivity tickets, candies, condoms, etc.).
  • Producing cigarillo imitations like cigarettes.
  • When operated by a person who will be trained in a few hours only, this machine can produce 24 hrs a day and 7 days a week.
  • Generating higher profit margins compared with cigarette products usually sold on the market.
  • The potential buyers of these machines become their own producers and salesmen of cigarettes. They have great opportunities to start their own company.

These new cigarette making machines allow :

  • The installation in a restricted room. The dimension of the machine is only 30'' (762 mm) X 48'' (1,220 mm) X 62'' (1,575 mm) high. Other small spaces are required for the bagging and labelling machine (in option).
  • The manufacturing of a fresher product of better quality.
  • The new generation of producers to produce cigarettes with various flavours while mixing leaves of tobacco.

Advantages to deal with Groupe Défis :

  • The machines whose technology is canadian are built in Montreal, Canada.
  • The guarantee of this equipment is complete and accompanied by a service contract.
  • The distribution of these machines for agents or franchisees is to be negotiated.
Cassette Cigarette Making Machine Tobacco Cigarette Making Machine
Inside view on the cassette Tabaco route
Cigarette Making Machine
Cigarette Making Machine
Front View Cigarette Making Machine
Front view
Inside Cigarette Making Machine
Inside view
Equipment Cigarette Making Machine
Pneumatic, filter and regulator

General equipment description :

Feeding Cigarette Making Machine The equipment described herein is engineered to feed tubes and tobacco into a cutting and injection mechanism and properly fill tobacco inside the tubes in a free standing machine operated by a single operator at 50 cigarettes per minute.
Cigarette Machine Plan

Description of tubes & tobacco :

The existing tube diameter used by our machine is variable, and is made with a resistant paper selected to support the insertion of tobacco through the end of an open preformed tube.


The raw leaf tobacco used must not contain rigid products such as vein or stem material, with the cutting grade of the tobacco affecting the quality of the injection and packing process.

This machine could also use pre-cut tobacco.

Cassette Cigarette Machine Cassette contain 3000 tubes in the cigarette making machine.
Hopper Cigarette Making Machine Hopper pre feeder 3 cu. ft capacity, level sensor and light indicator for the low level to feed the Tobacco directly into the machine

Other options for the Cigarette Making Machine :

Two scoops with counter and sliding mechanism 
Bagging System Bagging systems including the counting mechanism for a quantity of 20-50-100 or 200 cigarettes per bag.
Cigarette Labelling Labelling Automatic winder and re-winder for the customer label with glue.
Conveyor Cigarettes Transfer conveyor from the machine to the bagging system and the labelling with all controls, safety guards
Operator Control Panel
Principal control panel wilt all connection and tests and an operator control panel

You are invited to come to meet us and see this automatic equipment in function and purchase it.

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