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Cigarette machine technicals informations :

The cigarette machine is semi-automated principle (loading buy the operator) and convince for leaf or precut tobacco as per the following description.

General equipment description :

The equipment described herein is engineered to feed tubes into the indexing mechanism and tobacco (leave or pre-cut) into the hopper. The injection mechanism properly fill tobacco inside the tubes in a free standing machine operated by a single operator. 

The target rate for the production machine is 50 tubes per minute. Production is 3000 cigarettes per hour or 72,000 per day on ideal working condition.

If the customers want to test various cuts or specifications of their tobacco i.e. various grades of fine cut and their preferred range of tubes Défis could make tests for there customers.

Description of tubes & tobacco :

The existing standard tubes diameter used by our machine is 8 mm by 84 mm length, and is made with a resistant paper selected to support the insertion of tobacco through the end of an open preformed tube, with mechanical clamping.
The humidity of tobacco for leave must be between 11,5 and 13% for optimal injection into the tube in this process. In addition, the raw leaf tobacco used must not contain rigid products such as vein or stem material. The cutting grade of the tobacco will affect the quality of the injection and packing process. If the cutting mechanism is not requested (whit pre-cut tobacco) the humidity will be between 12 and 15% with

Other types of tubes could fit on the machine, but this requires a new tooling or adjustment if there is a substantial difference between the tubes and filters. Generally, the set-up time would be only 4-5 minutes between two different families of parts, if necessary to convert the machine.

All new specifications, (special tobacco, light duty tubes etc…) on the production machine will take 1 day for set up and testing. At the end of this period we will know the limits of the production machine as a consequence of the new specifications.

As a general rule, the overall efficiency of the machines depends on the quality of the tobacco, tubes, right set-up and maintenance

Production process :

  1. The operator starts the machine,
  2. An indicator light or message will advise operators to place tubes (cassette) in the tube feeder if empty
  3. An indicator light or message advises operators to fill the machine with tobacco by the appropriate door (hopper)
  4. The operator places a box at the outside of the machine for the finished product or set-up the bagging system if including
  5. The operator starts the production cycle,
  6. When tubes or tobacco are missing or others, the machine will stop and the display will explain why and the way to fix the problem to the operator,

Characteristics of the assembly process :

Generally, all injected tubes will be confirmed to the following quality specifications

  1. The right quantity of leaf product in each tube;
  2. Nice finishing of the product including leaf density etc. (to be further defined);
  3. No waste at the outside of the equipment with the product.

Model CM-50-E machine

The model CM-50-E is targeted for the rate of 50 cigarettes per minute, the efficiency of this system will depend on the condition of tobacco, tubes and the maintenance of the equipment (very low)

Description of the equipment :

  1. The basic mechanical indexing machine includes the following features:

    1. Main assembly drum actuated by servo motor;
    2. The main frame assembly is screwed and includes adjustable mounting feet and casters with brakes;
    3. Pre-located supports for all mechanisms, conveyor, hopper, etc… all are dowel pinned for quick set-up;
    4. Safety switch and control to turn off the system in case of an open access door;
    5. Mechanical safety device to protect all mechanisms in case of jam or error;
    6. Variable speed drive system;
    7. Centralized control system with PLC;
    8. Support for electrical control panels;
    9. Safety load mechanism;
    10. Synchronism pneumatic actuator and control;
    11. Tray dispenser with level sensor and light indicator for the low level;
    12. Small outside conveyor for the finished tubes to unload;

  2. The main electric control panel centralizes all functions of the system and includes the PLC integrated into the touch screen panel,  fuses, relays, terminals, drives, selector (mode manual/automatic or step mode). Control panel and all cabling conform to the CSA and UL or CE norms (on demand).
    Ethernet connection is available if customer request control of his production from outside or his office.

  3. The operator control panel with an error message, light indicator, red when the machine is out of service and green when the machine is in operation, start/stop buttons and emergency stop button, error message indicator, production record, maintenance program.

  4. Cutting mechanism ;

    1. A tobacco pre-loading hopper with feeder and cutting mechanism permitting the use of partially cut leaf or fine/pre cut leaf

      1. The cutting mechanism will be by rotor blade system do not requested adjustment and is low maintenance.
      2. Variable injection/packing sequence to vary the quantity of tobacco (light, medium or higher) packing density in each tube (optional)
      3. The variable stroke injection process can be adapted to the length of tubes and filter (could be adjusted by the Customer)
      4. Cutting properties will be modifiable by operator programming
      5. Each cycle of machine could be pre-programmed for 20, 50, 100 cigarettes.
      6. At the end of each production cycle in which the machine may sit idle for many hours, the unused tobacco should be removed from the machines to prevent a reduction of quality in the end product. (cleaning cycle)

  5. Others features ;

    1. One catcher for scrap (waste)
    2. One tube clamping device to permit the injection of tobacco in longer tubes made of thinner papers
    3. One cutting section for the end of the tubes (option if requested)
    4. One catcher and discharge chute at the outside of the machine to align and orient the tubes side by side, in one line for hand packing or for delivery to an optional outside conveyor leading to a packaging process

Particulars of this contract :

Special and confidential Customer agreement should be sign prior to starting production.
All contracts are strictly confidential.

Assistance and documentation included :

Technical instructions and operator manuals with the plastic protector sheet on each page; includes the drawing of each wear part, pneumatic and electric schematics, program, preventive maintenance, set-up procedure and tolerances indications etc…
Training at the Defis plant for your operator is free

Equipment general data :

Mechanical:  All surfaces in contact with the tobacco and tubes products are in stainless steel. Special emphasis is placed on maintenance accessibility, easy replacement of wearable parts and simple operation.
Construction is as per Defis and Customer specifications.
All parts used on this machine will strictly approve by certificate document to injure the respect of quality.

Following materials are never permitted on the machine: urethane, Styrene, Teflon, and PVC.

Electrical: 120 volts VAC, 60 hertz, 1 phase, 15 amps. Others voltages are available upon request and will require the appropriate transformer. All wiring and components comply with basic NEC requirements. Construction is as per Defis specifications.

Paint: Defis standard color for all painted surfaces is green/grey.

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